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NuLib2 and NufxLib will always have the same version number for the time being, because they're being distributed together.  It's less confusing that way.


Known Bugs - NufxLib v2.0

None so far.


Known Bugs - NuLib2 v2.0

None so far.


Reporting New Bugs

Some good things to include in a bug report:

  • What version of NuLib2 and NufxLib are you using?

  • What compile options were used (NuLib2 shows this at the top of the usage screen; just type "nulib2")?

  • What operating system are you running?  What version?

  • Did you build it yourself or get a binary from a web site?  Did you make any changes?  What compiler did you use?

  • What exactly do you have to do to make the bug occur?  (If it's a NuLib2 problem, list the command, and preferably where I can find a copy of the archive or the files involved.  If it's a NufxLib problem, all of the above, plus a sequence of Exerciser commands that make the bug happen.)

It's difficult to fix a bug if it isn't repeatable or if it only occurs on an operating system I don't have access to.  The more obscure your circumstances, the more details you will need to provide.

Please use the github issue tracker to file bugs.


Product "To Do" List

For the NuLib2 application:

  • Extract files to AppleDouble format.  This would allow UNIX AppleShare servers like netatalk to serve up extracted files immediately, and preserve all file attributes.
  • Support .2MG disk images automatically when adding and extracting.
  • Add BinSCII support.
  • Need some regression tests.

For NufxLib:

  • Add native resource fork support (for systems like Mac OS and GS/OS).
  • Ought to store empty directories.
  • Make name-comparison sensitivity (for get-by-name and duplicate checking) configurable.
  • Need a complete set of regression tests.