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New! CiderPress II is now available, featuring a multi-platform command-line interface that does most of what NuLib2 does, but can also manipulate disk images. It has a desktop GUI for Windows as well.

NuLib2 and NufxLib

Pre-compiled binaries are available for Win32.  For Linux and Mac OS X, download the sources from github (and perhaps a copy of Xcode) and build it.

NuLib2 and NufxLib are packaged together.  Instructions for building them are included with the sources.  Version 3.1.0 has been tested on the following systems:

Earlier versions have also been tested on:

NuLib "Classic"

The original NuLib has been ported to many different systems.  Version 3.2.5 is functionally similar to v3.2.4, but the source code and documentation were cleaned up by Devin Reade, making it easier to build.  NuLib2 is generally superior, but NuLib does have the advantage of running under 16-bit MS-DOS and GS/OS.

Documentation is included with the sources and binaries.

Source code:


Source code for older versions of the original NuLib are available in the library.